Join us as we take our summer camp adventure online!

We will be rolling out three rounds of online camp opportunities over the summer as well as a workshop series and opportunities for one-on-one coachings.  The three rounds will allow us the flexibility to continually improve the experience for you as we all learn together in this new virtual environment.

* Camps are $100 per week
* Camp sessions in Round 1 are everyday for 90 minutes.
* All sessions will be limited to 10 participants per class.
* Classes will be taught on Zoom and require access to a computer or iPad.

Round 1 - June 22 - July 10

K-2nd Grade - 10:00 - 11:30am
Let's Explore - Improvisation - June 22-26
The first installment of our "Let's Explore" series will focus on thinking fast, harnessing your imagination and playing fun improv games.  
Let's Explore - Being in a Play - June 29 - July 3
What is it like to be in a play?  What does it mean to be cast in a show?  This installment of our "Let's Explore" series will give our youngest performers a glimpse into what it is like to be on stage.
Let's Explore - Fairytale Fun - July 6-10
Get on your feet and engage your imagination with some of the best known characters from fairytales old and new.

3rd-5th Grades - 12:00-1:30pm
Imagination Improvisation - June 22-26
Learn to think on your feet and let your imaginations run wild.  Become a better public speaker and more confident.
Auditions 101 - June 29 - July 3
Step up your audition skills and find out what directors are looking for during auditions.
Twisted Fairytales - July 6-10
Take a modern twist on a classic fairy tale, add fun improvisation games and a pinch of comedy and you'll notice improved communication and confidence.

6th Grade and Up
DIY Theatre Games - June 22-26
Examine some of our favorite theatre games and analyze what makes the best ones work and then create your own game that can be played with your online classmates.
Audition Book Smackdown! - June 29 - July 3
Get your audition binder equipped with a song list to nail any audition! Learn the dos and don'ts of the audition process and how to manage and channel performance anxiety!
Grimm Happenings - July 6-10
Explore the works of the Brothers Grimm as you translate some of their frightening tales to the stage.

What People are Saying About MVCCT's Online Classes

"It was a lot of fun! I learned so much about improving my monologue. - student Ryan is an amazing teaching artist. My daughter really loved working with him, even in the online environment. It was great to get one on one instruction on not only the monologue, but also in techniques and text interpretation." - Online Spring Break Camp and Monologue Survey

"The drama camp was fun, I met new friends, and didn't have to leave my house!" - Online Spring Break Camp and Monologue Survey

"I learned so much. I learned more of how to actually understand the monologue and to be able to do it how it is written. Ryan teaching me everything was successful." - Online Spring Break Camp and Monologue Survey

"My daughter had fun and was able to practice her skills. Each student seemed to have ample opportunity to participate. And it kept her occupied!" - Online Spring Break Camp and Monologue Survey

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