Join MVCCT and director Ryan Sellers for a live, outdoor theatrical experience.

2020 has challenged us all in ways we never expected.  These brave young actors have chosen to use their voices to speak up and speak out about what it's like to be a youth in our world turned upside down, by performing reimagined classic dramatic works.  From Silverstein to Shakespeare, the words chosen and spoken by these casts will surround you.  Uniquely chosen, uniquely felt, uniquely spoken.

October 31st and November 1st

 at 1:00 pm

Fort Hunt Park - 8999 Fort Hunt Road

Alexandria, VA 22308

To allow for social distancing tickets will entitle the bearers to a 6' diameter circle that can easily seat a family of 4 or 5.

Bring your own blankets or camp chairs and join us for a beautiful afternoon of theatre in the park.

All tickets must be purchased in advance.

No tickets will be sold in the park.





Join us for an innovative, interactive, virtual production in which the audience becomes the detective and works together to determine who the murderer is.

November 6th and 7th at 6:30pm via Zoom


The Suspicious Death and Unresolved Murder of Mr. Gin


"A murder has occurred and your help as private eyes is requested to solve this mystery and put the right man or woman behind bars. The facts of the case are these.

On Monday, October 7th, Mr. Gin came by the speakeasy The Allegory, to drop off his most recent delivery of moonshine to the owner Lady Locklier (around town simply known as The Lady). Mr. Gin decided to stay for a while and have a few drinks with The Lady and her employee Dorothy. The lady had to get home to her cats so she left them a spare key and told them to lock up before they left. Dorothy went home around 11 PM and Mr. Gin promised he'd head out soon.


Dorothy got a call from Mrs. Gin around 2 AM worried that Mr. Gin wasn't home yet, but Dorothy told her not to worry. You know Mr. Gin- sometimes he liked to hop around to different speakeasies all night long picking up new clients. Mrs. Gin wasn't satisfied so she hopped in her new Ford and drove down to the speakeasy on U street. When she arrived the door was locked but she could see through the window that Mr. Gin was in a pool of blood on the floor. She hollored until a policeman showed up who helped break down the door. They rushed Mr. Gin to a hospital but it was too late. He was dead. Cause of death seemed to be a combination of factors. 


A chandelier in the speakeasy had fallen from the ceiling knocking him off his stool and into the bar table where he cracked his head. There were also large traces of arsenic in his system from tainted liquor. It seems someone poisoned him and dropped a chandelier on his head for good measure. Someone with a key to lock the door behind them.


The police are after Lady Locklier- a female bar owner is an easy murder suspect. Mrs. Gin can't believe The Lady would do such a thing so she's hired you as her Private Eyes to listen to suspect interviews, investigate the evidence, and solve the mystery of who killed Mr. Gin."


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