Congratulations to Sophia Farino and Aidan White

Winners of MVCCT's 2019 Senior Scholarship

"My stage fright at auditions lasted throughout my career with MVCCT. I know that doesn’t sound like a positive experience to share, but it was the initial step I had to go through to develop self-confidence on stage, responsibility for an acting role, and development of independent thinking and self-expression...I am thankful for all of the hidden lessons I learned through acting with MVCCT. As I grew in confidence, I outgrew the stage fright. The foundation I developed at MVCCT nourished my budding creativity."

"Playing roles like a magical fairytale judge, the famous “slow and steady” tortoise, and Elvis Presley were not only fun but were also genius methods employed by amazing counselors to teach me and the other campers how to feel comfortable in front of an audience and in our own skin. Without even realizing it, I was building up a sense of self-confidence, focus and dedication...My four-year-old self certainly had no idea how consequential that swashbuckling monologue would be to the rest of my life. But now, thirteen years and countless meaningful experiences later, I would not hesitate to say that MVCCT has made me the person I am today."

MVCCT Scholarship

MVCCT is more than a nonprofit providing unparalleled opportunities for kids to grow, more than a great local venue for reliably high-quality theatre; MVCCT also gives back.  In addition to need based scholarships for spring break and summer camps we are pleased to offer a $1000 scholarship to a graduating senior who can best answer the following question: How has your experience with MVCCT helped to build self-confidence and character while developing self-expression, independence and responsibility?


Each year one of our brightest lights is chosen from among the hundred-plus of our talented roster of participants as the recipient of our annual scholarship.


Previous Winners

2019 - Sophia Farino & Aidan White

2018 - Emily Roddy

2017 - Helen Kitrosser

2016 - Emily Carbone

2015 - Andrew Schurr

2014 - Summer Davis

2013 - Madeline Marshall

2012 - Julia Warren

2011 - Daniel Scalph

2010 - Elizabeth Herpbst

2009 - Emily Conron

2008 - Eileen Gillespie

2007 - Rachel Lear

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