Sherlock Holmes

By Tim Kelly

Freely adapted from the classic stage comedy by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and William Gillette

Directed by Renana Fox

Costume Design By Pam Peckar

Lighting Design by Paul Callahan

Scenic Design by Suzanne Parrish


Sherlock Holmes - Julie Dunn

Pepper - Shelbie Frese

Madge Larrabee - Ayla Collins

Ginger - Josie McCabe

Prince Carl - Jack Gisvold

Joan - Cheney Reid

Flower Woman - Sophie Pienaar

Gertie/Lestrade - Sienna Mersinger

James Larabee - Nate Sin

Maggie Baskerville - Rylie Warren

Dr. Watson - Joanna Massengill

Mrs. Bassick - Rory Hansen

Lady Edwina - Natalie Massengill

Foreman/Detective - Thomas Scott

Moriarty - Apollo Ailus

Mrs. Hudson - Hannah Hasan

Teresa - Caitlin Zecca

Alice Faulkner - Olivia Woods

Sherlock Holmes is considered a classic for many reasons- not least of which is the eccentricities of the characters within the story. One of the reasons the adventures of Sherlock Holmes are so compelling for actors and audiences alike is the unique and entertaining qualities of the people we encounter on the stage. While this production pokes fun at some of these larger-than-life personalities, it is done with an air of love. After all, Sherlock would be quite out of place in a world full of down-to-earth commoners. 


What is particularly special about this production is the reimagining of the central characters as women. While there is nothing unusual about two women being best friends in the late 19th century, their financial and emotional independence from men would have been quite extraordinary. Though a departure from the original story, it seems fitting that Sherlock (and Watson), who defies all other social norms, could be played by a woman. In a modern world a female Sherlock might be less unusual, but her willingness to fearlessly challenge men at the peak of their power would still place her outside the bounds of tradition.


We, cast and crew, have worked hard to bring you a story that is full of the elements that make Sherlock Holmes a classic tale, as well as a production that feels fresh, surprising and relevant. We hope you enjoy this retelling as much as we have enjoyed building it together.



Special Thanks