Who can audition for productions?
Any child who falls into the age range for a particular production may audition. Typically the fall and spring musicals feature 40-45 children ages eight to eighteen, and the teen production (non-musical) features 12-20 7th graders to eighteen year olds. Children must be 8 by the day of auditions for the musicals and in 7th grade by the day of auditions for the teen show. No exceptions are able to be made on this minimum age requirement.


What happens at auditions?
Those auditioning for musicals are asked to sing 16 bars of a prepared song (accompanist is provided; bring sheet music), or something simple like "Happy Birthday." The auditions happen as a group, so your child will sing in front of the other children auditioning as well as the producer, director, musical director, stage manager and others involved in the production. Those auditioning may also be asked to demonstrate some movement or dance and may read from the script or other text.  You will be asked to stay for the entire period of your audition (e.g. 5:30-7:00 pm).


What are callbacks?
Often directors want to see a group of actors again. If your child is called back, it does not necessarily indicate that they will be cast. If your child is not called back, it is not an indication of whether they will be cast or not.


Is there a fee for participating?
MVCCT charges a participation fee for each child for each show. The participation fee is used to offset the cost of renting rehearsal and performance space, director and stage manager salaries, costumes, sets and other expenses. The fee averages $225 per child.


Are there forms to fill out?
There is now an online registration form for anyone wishing to audition. Additionally, there is a Parent Acknowledgement Form which must be signed and brought to auditions. 

What else should we bring?
In addition to the Parent Acknowledgement Form, please bring a photograph of your child. Sometimes more than 150 children audition, so the photograph is a way to help those casting to remember your child. It doesn't need to be a professional photograph, a simple snapshot is sufficient.


Are scholarships available?
MVCCT is committed to making its programs accessible to all. If your child is cast and needs financial aid, please ask the Producer for a Scholarship Application.

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